Feed Your Belly, Feed Your Soul!

Nomoshkar! Namaste! And Welcome to a LoveCookYoga Cooking Workshop!  I'm so touched, Sam, that you chose this particular workshop as a way to celebrate your friend Lonia's birthday, out of so many options that are out there. 


It especially brings me joy because the proceeds of this workshop will be donated to theconsciouskid.org. 

I bumped into this organization when I opened the LoveCookYoga account on instagram.  I have been amazed at the work they do to support groups of people who have been marginalized during normal times; and would surely have been forgotten during these times. They have an Anti-Racist Children’s Books Education Fund, COVID-19 Rent Relief Fund for Families and the General Fund (More detail on website; please check out the link!).  I'm partial to the Rent Relief fund. 

So far, LoveCookYoga cooking workshop participants have supported donation of over $1800 to this organization.  

Samosa and Chutney
Sunday, March 21st, 8AM-10AM
Passcode with Sam!

About Me

I started LoveCookYoga this year, after the start of the pandemic, as I tried to figure out how to support my dad in India with cooking but without it feeling like I was doing it just for him. That evolved into feeding our bellies with the food we cook in the workshops and also feeding our souls from the connecting with people and contributing to a larger purpose.  

I've been cooking since I can remember; with my grandmother first. Later, I became my mom's sous chef as she made lavish dishes for parties of 40 or more; all by herself; aided by a kitchen help and yours truly.  It was there I learned how to be skilled in undoing cooking mishaps from my mom because there was just no throwing anything away. I bring that spirit into my own cooking and the workshops.  Cooking is mendable. Cooking should be enjoyable. Let us begin!