So, as I was saying, I'm Shiuli when I started LoveCookYoga, it did not have any form.  It just started with the idea of service. 

I had just completed a Yoga Teacher Training Course a few months earlier and the idea of service, giving without the expectation of anything in return, was a central concept in that training.  Thank you Travis Eliot & Lauren Eckstrom. This resonated with my personal beliefs so when the pandemic started, I began offering free yoga classes to my community.  That was supremely gratifying and the community responded by donating over $600 to Feeding America. How beautiful.  Many thanks.
As the pandemic progressed, I paused on the yoga teaching and I shifted gears to be of service to my father (Bapi) in India, and help him with cooking healthy food in the absence of my mom or any house help who was his support net.  I started making cooking videos and writing down recipes.  Given my love and long history with education  (23 years of teaching with a Phd in Math Education), passion for yoga, and penchant for social justice I’m not surprised that this is the form that has emerged as a result of my urge for service.  



The private cooking workshops provide the opportunity to hang out, cook and share a meal with out-of-town relatives.  The corporate workshops afford meaningful team building opportunities through social distancing! ALL proceeds of the workshops are donated.  The Spice Store offers Spice Kits (entre, side and salad) for easy and popular Indian meals and spice mixes for quick side dishes that come from my mom’s kitchen. The intention of my spice store is to make cooking Indian a no-fuss weeknight meal for those who love it.   All the proceeds of the cooking workshops have been going to provide hunger and rent relief (Feeding America and TheConsciousKid).  We all deserve to eat. We all deserve to have a roof over our head.  Why not combine the two and make it work for everyone if we can.  I am so grateful that the community has responded and together we have been able to raise over $1,700 since May.  The whole premise of the service is to help others through simple everyday acts without any expectation of return.   The Yoga is for my own balance but I’m happy to share my practice and I know how to keep you safe.  Please reach out for private/group classes.  My general background as a teacher and knowledge of yoga allows me to provide accommodations/modifications to support anyone who wants to give it a try. 


(I Salute Your Soul)