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Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onion & Basil Pizza with a Balsamic Reduction Drizzle

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So easy to give the regular old pizza an adult twist during the weekday if you like the whole goat cheese, balsamic vinegar combo.

The kids can make their own mini pizza with the toppings they want.

Now, this concept is really a life saver if you are having your kids friends over for dinner/sleepover but feel like being an adult amongst kids. Or, if you do a family pizza night with a group of people, this adult option comes in super handy, and may I say, chic. Add the prep ahead a simple "Kid Proof" Garden Salad getting your kids to do this for you. Take 10 minutes to prep the toppings by putting them in separate bowls (tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pepproni, etc.). Prep the goat cheese, the balsamic reduction and onions so that when guests comes, the preparation will carry you through.

So when everyone comes, here is how you flow!

As guests ring the bell, turn on the oven to 500 degrees. Meet and greet. Let the kids run off for a bit. Pour the adults a glass of wine or beverage of choice. Once everyone has settled in, put out the sauce, toppings and dough. Call the kids and have them make their own pizza. Give them pizza dough the size of tennis balls, throw a little flour on the counter. They can flatten the dough with their fingers, add the sauce and toppings. Once their pizza is in the oven, make the adult pizza so when the children's pizza comes out, in goes yours!

In case you are wondering about my pizza dough, years ago, I started with Bobby Flay’s pizza dough. I’ve made it mine since. No sugar, more water, slightly different flour proportions. I use a mix of bread flour and all purpose flour because the straight up bread flour makes the dough feels too "doughy" to us. The straight up all purpose flour made gave the pizza dough a store bought dough feel. To us, the mix of flours tastes the best. Wish we could have had Booby Flay's pizza dough to really know what that tastes like!

The amount of water that is added can be tricky at first because even though the dough will come together and we will want to be done, we want to make sure that the dough is not dry and flaky. We want it to be smooth and easily moldable but not so wet that it sticks to our hands.

Check out this quick video here to see the dough making and some of the pizza's that were crafted in our kitchen.



  • Toppings 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

  • 1 white onion

  • 4 oz goat cheese

  • 2 tbs chopped basil leaves


1. While dough is rising, get the balsamic reduction going.

2. Prep the onions.

3. In a small frying pan, pour the balsamic vinegar and turn it to medium high heat. The vinegar will start bubbling. Keep a close watch. Within 5-7 minutes, it will start becoming thicker. Turn off the heat and pour into a small container that is microwave safe.

4. Cut the onions in ringlets. Spray a frying pan with some non stick oil and fry the onions on medium heat till they are brown and carmelized. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Feel free to add a spot of butter if the onions look dry.

5. Transfer the goat cheese to a glass bowl and add about a tablespoon of milk and mix to make it into a spreadable consistency. * Pre-heat the oven onto 500 degress.

6. Push down on the inflated dough. Bring onto a lightly floured surface.

7. Divide the dough into four parts. Bring one part to the work surface. Return the others to the container

8. Spray a metal cookie sheet with oil (check here for how to handle different kinds of pands). Take the dough and start to stretch it with your hands and then place on a cookie sheet.

9. Spread it on the pan and thin it out as best as you can by pushing out on the dough with your finger tips.

10. Take a knife and spead out the goat cheese on the dough.

11. Cover it with onions.

12. Check out cooking times based on your pan.

13. At the end of cooking time, pull out of the oven and check the bottom of the pie. If it is not brown, throw it back in the oven for a couple for minutes.

14. Sprinkle with chopped basil and drizzle with balsamic reduction.

15. Enjoy!

Please email me at if anything is unclear or if you have any questions. If you try this recipe and it works for you or made modifications, please leave a comment to let the community know.


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