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"Prep Ahead" Barbeque

Wouldn't it feel great to feel totally calm and prepared for a barbeque where you actually enjoy the time yourself? It's possible with a "prep-ahead-barbeque."

Check out step by step how to be chill while you grill!

Prep everything for the grill in advance. All of this can be done a day in advance so on the day of the barbeque, you just pull out the stuff and head to the grill. If you are preparing a day ahead and have boiled the potatoes in advance, this would be the time to turn on the oven so the potatoes can start to crisp while you grill.

Can you picture how it will all come together?! Click here to skip to the end for links to all the dishes discussed here!

1. Prepare the marinades and the rubs.

For the Jeera Steak Rub, click here. For the Chutney Salmon marinade, click here.

2. Get the protein and veggies ready.

I prefer to use my hands as I rub the spices on the meat and fish. I also take this opportunity to skewer any vegetables that I want to grill.

3. Lubricant for Grilling Salmon

To the remaining salmon marinade, add some mayo to it, mix, cling wrap and get it get to lubricate the salmon during grilling instead of oil.

4. Lubricant for Grilling Steak

Get another bowl ready with olive oil for the steak.

5. Lubricant for Veggies

If you want to keep it simple and wholesome, veggies do best if they are brushed with melted butter and then just sprinkled with salt and pepper. If you have a particular seasoning blend that you like - cajun, or a spice blend - feel free to sprinkle that on.

6. Get started on the potatoes

Get the potatoes boiling for the potatoes. You can boil the potatoes a day in advance and bake them on the day of the barbeque. For the Potato Recipe, click here.

7. Assemble the Salad

Assemble the salad but don't put any salad dressing on it. Put cling wrap and refrigerate.

When it's time to grill, set up a table next to the grill so you have all the equipment there as you see in the introductory photo.

While the protein and veggies are resting, pull out the salad from the refrigerator. Get the potatoes out of the oven and you are ready to eat!

Please email me at if anything is unclear or if you have any questions. If you try this recipe and it works for you or made modifications, please leave a comment to let the community know.


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