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The Versatile Sushi Rice

As an Indian person, from the Asian subcontinent, a person of Indian Origin; I have a very personal relationship with rice. So I didn't really understand "sushi" rice until I made it even though I had been eating it for a very long time, in sushi, poke, fusion rolls and so on.

It is so simple and flavorful; AND it has come as such a relief as our daughter is leaning heavily towards vegetarian. She loves Indian food which provides wonderful options; to be able to add the the options that sushi rice affords has been awesome.

So here is the recipe for just sushi rice. I'm also adding links to recipes that I often combine with sushi rice.

A note sushi rice definitely needs precision with water. The good news is that you can circumvent one part of that precision simply by thinking about it in advance, washing and soaking the rice for thirty minutes before cooking.

So, if you do have time to soak it in advance then wash the rice clear, and go with 1:1 ratio. 1 cup rice to 1 cup water. Have that washed and ready in the container you will cook the rice in or the rice cooker. Let the rice soak for 30 minutes. Once the rice has changed color, become opaque and almost turned white, then turn on the rice cooker or the stove.

Any expert that you meet will say that the exact proportion is 1 cup rice to 1.2 cups of water (or that you need 20% water). That is quite annoying for most people. For me, everyday math like that does not bother me.

So if you are in a bind and do not have time to presoak the rice then use 1 cup and 3 tablespoons of water for every cup of rice after washing it thoroughly.

Of course, the second component of sushi rice is the cooling off that occurs while stirring in the vinegar solution to warm cooked rice.

Here are some of the things that I have made in concert with the sushi rice.


  • 2 cups calrose rice

  • 2 cups water (2 cups and 6 tablespoons if you are cooking immediately and not presoaking for 30 minutes)


  • 1/3 cup rice vinegar

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 tsp salt


  1. Wash the rice clear. If presoaking, use only 2 cups of water. Presoak for 30 minutes. Then proceed with cooking per directions of rice cooker or stovetop. If cooking immediately then use 2 cups and 6 tablespoons of water. Then proceed with cooking per directions of rice cooker or stovetop

    1. If using the rice cooker, turn on the button. Once the rice is cooked, let it rest for 10 minutes for adding the vinegar mix .....

    2. If using the stovetop then turn to high and bring to a boil. Once the rice comes to a boil, reduce the burner to low simmer. Cover the pan, leaving it cracked just a tiny bit to release steam. If the pan lid had a steam releaser or "hole" in it them there in no need to crack the cover. Cook for 10 minutes and turn off the burner. Let sit on the warm burner for 15 minutes and rice is ready for the vinegar mix.

  2. While the rice is cooking, prepare the vinegar mix. I prefer using a mason jar so I can add the ingredients in and give it a good shake.

  3. Once the rice is done and had time to rest of 10-15, add the vinegar mix to the rice and mix it with a fork.

  4. Once the vinegar mixture is well integrated, pour the sushi rice onto a tray and allow it to cool and come to room temperature before putting it to use!

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